Watch an effervescent tablet fizz inside a ball of water in space

In space even, the mundane and boring things we do when we don't feel so well on Earth are exciting and worth of recording with a super expensive RED 4K camera. If you happen to have a 4K monitor I strongly suggest that you hit up YouTube change the resolution of the video below to 4K and check this out. The video shows a ball of water floating weightlessly in space aboard the ISS.

One of the astronauts takes a simple effervescent tablet and pokes it into the sphere of water. That sphere of water looks like a bubble floating in the room. Once the effervescent tablet (aka Alka-seltzer) begins to fizz inside the water, the orb of water grows milky looking and gets larger.

To allow the astronaut to handle the fizzing globe of water, he attaches it to a pipette via slight suction so he can hold it. After a bit of fizzing, little smaller globules of fizzy water start shooting away from the main orb.

It almost looks like a frozen planet with lots of little moons orbiting. The RED 4K cameras aboard the ISS are being evaluated for capturing science data and vehicle operations by NASA engineers. I don't care what NASA is doing with the cameras, I am just glad to see it supporting new technology.