Watch a Rimac C_Two get totaled on purpose

Rimac Automobili produces some of the coolest hypercars in the world. It's newest insanely fast and beautiful car is the C_Two. The automaker plans to begin production of the C_Two next year. Like any other automobile, for the incredibly expensive hypercar to be sold in the United States, it must undergo crash testing.

Considering that the vehicles cost $2.09 million each for starters, it's certainly a kick in the stomach to see prototype versions being destroyed on purpose. Rimac says tests in the video below show the second round of crash testing. The video covers the 56 KM/H 40 percent offset deformable barrier impact test. In the testing, both of the C_Two prototypes proved to be extremely safe.

After the test, engineers found no damage to the monocoque. There was virtually no deformation of the cabin, intrusion of the petals, or excessive forces placed on driver and passenger. The crash test program for the C_Two began in 2019 after years of simulation testing. The initial series of physical crash tests on the full vehicle were completed last year.

The vehicle was designed from the outset to maximize the amount of energy absorbed by the crash structure and not by the cabin or carbon tub. The team says that the latest full-vehicle physical testing is required to finalize the behavior of the carbon composite during impact and is a confirmation of the company's virtual testing.

Rimac says that in total, 11 prototypes will be destroyed and crash testing to complete the global homologation and testing process for the C_Two. It's rather stomach-wrenching the thinking that many to million-dollar hypercars being crunched up. For those unfamiliar with the car, it can reach 60 mph in 1.85 seconds and has 1914 horsepower total. It's capable of 258 mph top speed.