Watch a dry ice bomb explode in slow motion

Slow motion videos are always fun, and we've seen no shortage of them. This time around someone has decided to eschew the commonly used fire and bullets for a different sort of slow motion video: a dry ice bomb exploding underwater...with the camera, of course, also recording under water. The explosion is so powerful the video captures the pulsing energy in the water as it expands outward and then pulses back into places briefly before growing even larger.

The video comes from TheBackyardScientist on YouTube, which dropped the video recently. Of course, this isn't something we'd recommend you try yourself — it is not only incredibly dangerous, but very likely not legal where you live, and getting caught could potentially mean legal trouble.

That doesn't stop you from enjoying someone else's illicit fun with the substance, and so check out the video above. The explosion is shown from several different angles — from a distance, over the water, under it...there's no place that isn't covered.

The method used was simple — empty a water bottle, fill it with dry ice. Tie a weight to the bottle, put the cap on, and then toss it in a swimming pool. A short (very short) while later it will erupt. There's one shot showing the eruption's impact on balloons to get an idea of how it would effect your body.

SOURCE: Gizmodo