Washington D.C. Tech Firm To Build 20-Square Mile Ghost City In New Mexico For Testing Tech

I always think of the old west when I hear the term ghost town. We are all familiar with the phrase meaning a town where the buildings are still there, but no one is around. A technology company from Washington D.C. has an interesting idea for testing all sorts of new technology in a realistic setting. The company is called Pegasus Global Holdings and the project will cost $200 million to complete. The town will be constructed with old and new buildings in New Mexico.

The town will be modeled after the typical American city with 35,000 residents and has been dubbed The Center reports the Washington Post. The Center will have buildings, homes, highways and roads as well as commercial buildings. The goal is to be able to test things like new wireless networks with next generation tech, smart-grid cyber security, and a lot more. The location will be offered for use to scientists, universities, federal labs, and the military.

The mix of building types would allow for experiments such as using solar power in new and old homes to find out how well the tech works in different settings and with different demands. Pegasus has been working with the state government for 18 months to get the project off the ground and is working on appointing an advisory board and selecting the site for The Center. The ghost town will be developed on state-owned land either in the Albuquerque-Santa Fe corridor or in the Las Cruces area near the Texas and Mexico borders.

[via SlashDot]