Washing Machines Get Earth Friendly Upgrades

The first (the left of the picture) is the Airwash. Currently its just a concept invented by a couple students from Singapore, it went on to win the INDEX Design To Improve Life awards. It works with –ions, compressed air, and deodorants and cleans your clothes without the use of water.

The second (the right of the picture) is the Cyclean. It is a bike powered washer. It uses no electricity, instead its user hops on and rides nowhere quick, but it does clean your clothes. It is recommended for developing countries, where electricity can be put to far better uses.

So basically you have two new choices, you can conserve water or conserve electricity in your daily laundering activities. Plus with the Cyclean you can lose some calories as well.

Washing Machine 2.0: waterless or bike-powered [via techdigest]