Warpia unveils Value Edition StreamHD PC to TV streaming kit

We have talked about the company Warpia before. This company makes a bunch of different video streaming systems that help you get content from your PC over to your TV for viewing on a larger screen. This is the perfect device for shooting your streaming video from the computer to the TV. Warpia has just announced a new and cheaper version of its StreamHD system called the StreamHD Value Edition.

The device supports streaming in 1080p resolution, supports video, photos, movies, presentations, and just about anything else. It needs no wires to work and the system will cost you $129.99. You can also use it to mirror your desktop to the TV as well. The kit includes a wireless USB adapter for your computer and an adapter that fits into your HDMI port on your TV.

The StreamHD VE has a range of 30-feet as long as the TV and computer have line of site. You can mirror the screen of your PC to the TV or shoot streaming content out your TV while you use a different screen on the computer.