Warner Music Group may not renew long-term contract with Apple

I enjoy using iTunes, as it makes organizing, purchasing and playing my music quite simple. Yes, there are other options out there, but iTunes has grown on me over the years and I don't see myself switching any time soon. Despite the fact that many people harbor the same feelings as I do, some major content providers are choosing to back away from their dealings with Apple.

Universal Music Group started the snowball effect when they decided not to renew their long-term contract for the sale of their music via iTunes. Not too long ago NBC pulled all of their TV and movie content from the iTunes store. Now it looks like Warner Music group could be taking a stand against Apple.

Warner Music group's contract with Apple will expire at the end of 2007, and they are considering taking the same route as Universal, and go to a month-to-month contract for iTunes sales. I'm really upset to see the big players in the music industry try to play hardball with Apple. First, they're not exactly hurting for money. Second, Apple is the 3rd largest music retailer in the US, apparently Apple's doing something right because consumers love their $.99 per song strategy.

Apple in a Fight for Rights to TV Shows [via washingtonpost]