Warner Bros. To Sell Movies As Apps Through App Store

Warner Bros. has just released The Dark Knight and Inception via the App Store rather than iTunes. This move was in part a workaround for people in countries without the iTunes movie store but also is looking to be a more interactive way than iTunes.

The movies come in an App Edition that is free and can be shared via Facebook and Twitter. And from within the app, you get a 5-minute preview, some sample bonus materials, and the option to purchase and either stream or download the movie.

After your purchase, a whole slew of extras such as scene selection, behind-the-scenes footage, and trivia are unlocked. The app really functions much like a mini DVD for your mobile device. It is likely that future releases will also take this route as it provides much more content than what you can normally get through an iTunes download.

[Via 9 to 5 Mac]