Warner Bros outs Flixter Collections video service

Streaming video has a huge potential for the movie studios and TV studios that make the content that many of us like to watch. Some of the studios have big plans for streaming video services even and one of the larger studios, Warner Bros, has now unveiled a new streaming video platform that sounds interesting called Flixster Collections. The CEO of Time Warner Jeff Bewkes talked about the service this week during an earnings conference call.

The public beta for the new Flixter collections service started yesterday. Right now the beta is on PC and Mac computers only. The new service is trying to be social service more than something along the lines of Hulu or Netflix. Warner wants the service to be a hub that people go to when they are considering a movie to watch or buy. The service is free and it can tie into the users existing accounts on other streaming media services.

The tie ins include support for Amazon, iTunes, Hulu, and Netflix accounts. The Flixter service can also look at your local HDD to find out what you watch. Flixter will also give more details on films that are in the theater still with links to reviews and online ticket services. The catch with any social service is that it only really shines when a lot of people use it. Since it just launched and users are still scarce it's hard to say how well Flixter Collections will do.

[via AllthingsD]