Warner Bros. has ambitious plans for DC movies starting in 2022

Marvel dominates the superhero entertainment business, but that hasn't stopped competitor DC from attempting to get a piece of the pie. Warner Bros is looking to increase its DC Films lineup in a big way starting in 2022, with plans for movies that'll be released in theaters and others that'll drop on the streaming service HBO Max.

Warner Bros. subsidiary DC Films, the film studio behind movies and other productions based on DC Comics characters, is planning to release up to four movies a year in theaters starting in 2022, as well as another two or so on HBO Max. That's according to DC Films head Walter Hamada who recently spoke with the New York Times.

The biggest, priciest movies will be destined for theatrical release — up to four of them every year starting in 2022 — while DC Films hopes to make another two for release on HBO Max. Those streaming movies may focus on 'riskier' superheroes, the report notes, like Static Shock.

HBO Max subscribers can also expect to see TV shows that branch off from the theatrical movie projects, joining existing DC universe shows on traditional television like Arrow and The Flash. DC Films will also lean into the DC multiverse, according to the report, including things like two different Batman 'sagas' with two different actors.

The news comes amid HBO Max's success with Wonder Woman 1984, a movie that has received mixed reviews from viewers, but that has proven successful enough for Warner Bros. to fast-track the franchise's third movie installment. The studio is releasing its 2021 movies on HBO Max at the same time as theatrical releases due to the pandemic.