Warframe is coming to mobile, complete with cross-platform play

Online games, especially ones that involve squads or PVP, live and die by how many people are actually playing the game at the same time. While each platform may have many players within their own walled gardens, there's still something to be said when you can play on any platform and play with anyone on any platform. Warframe, one of the unexpected hits of the MMO genre, is promising exactly that as it expands its reach from PCs and consoles into mobile.

Warframe is probably an outlier in the MMO genre, and its success is almost short of being a miracle. Born at the height of free-to-play (F2P) MMOs, the action shooter eschewed the stigma of pay-to-win methods while delivering quality content on the same level as paid MMOs. Not only did Warframe manage to survive for nine years with such a business model, but it has also even expanded in both content and reach.

Launched for Windows initially, the game added support for the PS4 just a few months later, while Xbox One support would take almost a year to happen. It then spread to the Nintendo Switch, the PlayStation 5, and the Xbox Series X|S, in that order, and it seems ready to cast its net farther and wider than ever before.

At this year's TennoCon event, developer Digital Extremes revealed two important ways the game is expanding. A mobile alone is already an impressive feat, but Digital Extremes is going the extra mile to enable cross-platform play and cross-platform saves as well. You can view the brief teaser video above, while the panel discussion below for the mobile port and cross-play feature starts at 17:28.

Warframe fans are probably excited, and interested players now have fewer excuses not to dive into the game. That said, Digital Extremes has yet to announce any timeline for the arrival of these features, but, given the quality of the demo, it probably isn't that far away.