Want your phone unlocked, just call Cingular

Last November it became legal to unlock your cell phone, however, finding out how to do so isn't always easy. Turns out that all you need to do is make a quick call to Cingular (if you're on their network obviously) and you'll get a code to punch in and you're all set.

Specifically, you'll need to talk to the Cingular International Care Center. Apparently, they will unlock any Cingular phone if you are going to be doing any traveling outside the country. Wayne Ma over at CrunchGear tried this out with his new Blackjack and had no problems at all.

This is some great news for Cingular customers. It does bring up the question, is Cingular going to be this easy to get along with when the iPhone comes out? It certainly would be great if they'd be willing to unlock it as well.

Cingular Unlocks Blackjack for Free [via crunchgear]