Want a free iPhone? Win one from MYiPhone contest!

Ewdison Then - Feb 5, 2007

Our sister site MYiPhone is holding a contest called “My Super Sweet iPhone” and will be rewarding the winners with 8GB iPhone on 1st place, 4GB iPhone on second place, and 2GB iPod Nano on 3rd place.

“We promised you a big competition and here, ladies and succulent gentlemen, it is! My iPhone will be giving away an 8GB iPhone, a 4GB iPhone and an iPod Nano to three lucky winners – that’s over $1250 worth of prizes – come launch day of the hotly-anticipated device.

Now competitions like this don’t come along too often, so we’ve decided to make this one a little different from the standard ‘giveaway’. To enter, you have to trot along to Sneakmove and make their paper craft iPhone, then get creative and bling it up. You might want to stud it with jewelry or crystals and make a handset Paris Hilton would chuck her Sidekick for, maybe design the must-have accessory, or just do it all. The musically talented could maybe compose the finest ring-tone known to mankind, the only criteria is that it must be original. Entry can be done by photograph, audio or video – we’ll give you instructions on how to send them to us – and must be in by February 28th.”

Full contest info at MYiPhone.com

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