WANDRD Neck, Wrist, and Sling Straps keep your camera close for safety

Despite initial fears and predictions that smartphones will eventually kill off at least the lower end of the camera market, dedicated shooters continue to thrive. Some might say that they have even grown thanks to smartphone photographers who want to graduate from amateur to pro. Digital cameras have definitely changed with the times but a few things have also remained constant like their heft and their price. There are definitely many ways to keep cameras safe but one of the simplest and also most flexible ways is a strap, such as one of the three new WANDRD straps designed to cover different camera sizes and weights.

Camera straps are, of course, nothing new but that also makes it easy to take them for granted. WANDRD's new line of camera straps, however, offers more than just convenience when carrying cameras. The WANDRD Neck Strap, for example, is so universal you can even use it to carry your keys, wallets, or even a soccer-mom whistle.

At the heart of WANDRD's strap system is its custom aluminum clips that safely secure your cameras and a Hypalon attachment loop that can bear the brunt of your camera's weight. While the Neck Strap's loop is rated for 75 lbs loads, the WANDRD Sling Strap can support as much as 100 lbs. The most generic of the three, the WANDARD sling can be used for neck, sling, and shoulder carry all in one.

The WANDRD Wrist Strap, on the other hand, is deceptive in its simplicity. Able to support anything from a point and shoot to a DSLR camera, the strap's auto-locking system tightens the strap on your wrist should you accidentally drop the camera. Thanks to WANDRD's recycled "soft touch" nylon, the strap won't irritate sensitive wrists.

WANDRD has long been making bags and accessories that protect you and your gear, including cameras, while braving the great outdoors. With its new series of camera straps, the company is making sure your cameras stay as safely close to you as possible even while you're busy recording those once-in-a-lifetime moments, whether outside or even inside.