Walmart+ takes on Prime in a big way by dropping its greatest limitation

Walmart+, the retailer's subscription service, is about to become a bit more appealing for diehard Prime fans. The company has announced that it will remove its minimum order requirement for shipping, meaning you'll be able to impulsively order whatever little trinket or gadget you may need. Other features, such as grocery deliveries, remain the same.

Put simply, Walmart+ is a subscription service that offers customers benefits similar to Amazon Prime, the big difference being that Walmart has readily available stores all over the place, meaning you can get groceries, too. The service offers unlimited deliveries under the subscription fee.

In an announcement today, the company said that it will remove its $35 minimum order requirement for shipping, meaning that as of December 4, subscribers will be able to order and get shipped any single thing they may need without having to pad the order with extra items to get free shipping.

Amazon Prime already offered such a feature, enabling its subscribers to get free shipping on small items. Because many people live within close proximity of a Walmart store, there's the potential benefit of getting the item on the same day it is ordered, assuming the item is available locally.

Note that Walmart still requires a minimum order of $35 for delivery of groceries and other items from Walmart stores. The subscription includes other perks, like fuel discounts, support for Scan and Go for checking out with the mobile app, and a free grocery deliveries. Walmart's free shipping covers one-day and two-day delivery.