Walmart job listing reveals plan to develop cryptocurrency products

Walmart has published a new job listing that seeks a "Senior Director II" who will focus on digital currencies for the company, including identifying "customer needs" and translating "them into product requirements." Among other things, this individual will be tasked with developing a "digital currency strategy" for Walmart and generating a product roadmap.

The job listing was first spied by Bloomberg; it can be found live on the Walmart Corporate careers website. Though the job listing primarily uses the term "digital currency," there is also direct mention of crypto, leaving no doubt that Walmart is interesting in the cryptocurrency market.

Though the job listing doesn't fully shed light on Walmart's plans, it does indicate that the company potentially plans to invest in existing cryptocurrency businesses and to possibly accept some digital coins as a method of payment in the future, with the job listing stating that, "Walmart enables a broad set of payment options for its customers."

The individual hired for this role will "commit to a product roadmap and drive the project execution," the job listing reveals. Beyond that, Walmart's job ad hints at the intention to get the ball rolling with crypto in order to capitalize on future trends that may arise in relation to digital currencies.

Whether Walmart has any concrete plans related to crypto at this time remains unclear; the company may simply have plans to get the ball rolling so that it is ready to accomodate any big changes in the market. Notably, competitor Amazon was recently the subject of a leak claiming that it would start accepting payments in Bitcoin, though it denied the leak last month.