Walmart intros "Pay with Cash" for online shoppers

Walmart is launching a new scheme for those unable or unwilling to pay for items using a credit or debit card over the internet. The scheme is called "Pay with Cash", and would let customers order items on Walmart's website, then pay for the item at a local store in cash. Joel Anderson, CEO of Walmart, says that only 15% of Walmart transactions are carried out using credit cards, and there's a large portion of customers dependant on cash.

Once you buy an item from Walmart's website, you're given 48 hours to go to the nearest store and pay for it in cash. Once paid for, the item ships and is delivered to your home as normal. It's a simple idea, but one that Walmart thinks is a "big opportunity."

Opening up the "Pay with Cash" scheme means that customers will be able to purchase hundreds of thousands of items that the company only carries on its website. There's also the advantage that if the order is a present for someone, they don't need to ship the item themselves having purchased it.

[via AllThingsD]