Walmart corners LED light bulb market with new bulb line

Walmart is trying to corner the LED light bulb market with the announcement of a wide range of LED light bulbs at very compelling prices. Walmart is selling its new line of Great Value LED light bulbs in all of its United States stores with pricing at under $9 to start. Walmart states the goal is to make LED light bulbs more accessible and affordable for consumers.

The line of LED light bulbs is also available via Like other LED bulbs on the market, Walmart's Great Value Line are 80% more efficient and emit 40% less heat while lasting 25 times longer than a traditional incandescent bulb. Consumers who replace all the light bulbs in the home with LED units could save about $129 per year according to the Energy Information Administration.

The Great Value LED light bulb line has 26 different bulb types. The different types include a non-dimmable 60-1 equivalent LED bulb it retails for $8.88. A dimmable version of that 60-1 equivalent LED bulb is available for $9.88.

Walmart also offers a Great Value Indoor non-dimmable 65-watt flood for $14.88. A dimmable version of the same bulb is available for $15.88. Walmart also plans to offer a GE branded 60-watt equivalent LED bulb for under $11.

SOURCE: Walmart