WallJax is a floating wireless charging shelf for your wall

Wireless charging is upon us, and if you've finally picked up a device that supports the technology, you're likely in want of an adequate charging base. No one wants an ugly wireless charger sitting on the end table — something embedded would be a better choice, as would a charger that doesn't, upon first glance, actually look like a charger. WallJax is one such example.

WallJax is a small shelf that can be mounted independently on your wall, or above an existing power outlet. The WallJax EZ model is the one shown below — it plugs into an outlet, forming a shelf above it upon which the wireless device can be placed for charging. There's a USB port on the bottom for charging wired devices.

This option is easy to use — just plug it in and you're good to go. If you don't mind a little more effort and want something that doesn't stand out as much, there's the WallJax Float, shown above. The Float is powered by a USB cable and attaches to your wall using screws or adhesive, whichever you prefer.

In the latter device's case, the wire can be run through the wall behind the device, making it inconspicuous. Both models offers 5 watts of power from Qi wireless coils; they'll be available through a Kickstarter campaign starting next month, with $59 USD and $79 USD price tags.

SOURCE: Gizmag