Wallaby wants to ensure you get the best credit card rewards

If you use a lot of credit cards for paying your monthly bills or for business needs, you probably know that different cards offer different rewards. I know some people that use one specific credit card to pay for everything because they get so many rewards they can go on a free vacation each year by using it. If you have a bunch of credit cards, you would want to use the one with the best rewards at that given time. That can be easier said than done.

This is where a new startup that launched this week called Wallaby comes in. Wallaby combines all of your existing credit cards on one card and then decides which of your card accounts to route transactions to based on where you get the most frequent flyer miles or cash back bonuses at the given moment. The first thing is you have to do is register all your physical cards with Wallaby, and the company gives you a single physical card to use everywhere.

When you register with Wallaby, you don't have to worry about which card is the best, you simply swipe the card and pay as normal and Wallaby chooses which card to use automatically. Another example is if you go to a restaurant for lunch, and one of your cards has a special double cash back for the specific restaurant; Wallaby will automatically use the best card with no input from you. The first 5000 users to the beta Wallaby service will get a free card for 12 months and after the free year, Wallaby will cost $50 per year. This sounds like an interesting service to me.

[via TechCrunch]