Wahl recalls a bunch of heat massagers over sparks and fire risk

If you have a heated massager from Wahl, you should check its model number to see if it has been recently recalled over the risk of overheating and starting a fire. The company has voluntarily recalled all of its Model 4212 Deluxe Heat Therapy Massagers due to this potential risk, warning that customers who have purchased them should stop using them immediately.

The Wahl massager is exactly what it sounds like: a handheld muscle massager that warms up and vibrates. The massagers are intended to bring some pain relief or relaxation — if you've been typing at a laptop all day, for example, your shoulders may feel a bit tight and a massager could help loosen things back up.

The Wahl Deluxe Heat Therapy Massager Model 4212 has been recalled and, it seems based on a look through various online retailers, already pulled from sale. The company's recall advisory, which was recently published by the FDA, warns that these models may have an issue with the connection between the heat attachment and massager.

This connection issue could result in the massager overheating, which may then cause it to start sparking and/or smoking, the company says in its alert. This could result in a fire, making it a danger to use for very obvious reasons.

If you own one of these massagers, Wahl says you can contact its tech support team to arrange a free return of the product. The company is offering full refunds, as well as an extra $10 'for this inconvenience,' it says in the recall, which contains the contact information.