Wacom Cintiq 12WX high-end tablet released - commands respect

It has a 12.1" LCD panel and can be used as a second monitor and a tablet at the same time. You can set it on the desk and use it, or you can hold it in your arms to work if you prefer since it weighs a mere 1.8kg.

There is an express button that connects the tablet to your computer allowing you to use it with your computer. There's a stand on the back, the power button is on the top, and there is a pen along with a precious base for it.

There is also a large box that comes with it for connecting everything, it received the power cable, USB cable, and DVI input and outputs it all through one cable for ease of use. The AVING guys seemed to like it and it looks like a thing of beauty, let alone whatever art you are creating on it.

[via AVING]