W. Virginia schools to install DDR pads for students

Sometimes I wish that I had been born a few years later than I was. The younger generation gets so much cool stuff that we didn't get.

PE class was always pretty boring, and as a I got the geek genes in my family I wasn't exactly the best athlete. But they're starting to change how things are done these days by introducing video games to encourage kids to get fit. W. Virginia schools are being outfitted with Dance Dance Revolution pads for PE classes. It's only a matter of time before programs like this one are implemented in other states.

Granted, this one isn't exactly my favorite game, but it sure beats playing kickball all period. Before you know it schools will be installing Wii's for physical fitness. They'll never have to take the kids outside again!

NY Times: W. Virginia schools begin adding DDR to curriculum [via joystiq]