VW rocks out with Fender Premium audio in select models

For some folks the audio system in the car they are buying is one of the most important aspects of the vehicle. Sure, you can have an audio system added in the aftermarket that will outperform anything that the factory offers, but for many factory is the only way to go. VW and Fender have announced that they will be teaming for a new audio system in select VW vehicles.

The new audio system is called the Fender Premium Audio system and the first VW model to get the new audio system will be the Jetta GLI. The audio system will and in the vehicle this spring and will then be rolled out to all other Jetta models at a later date and thin hit the new 2012 mid-size sedan and the 2012 Beetle in the fall.

The Fender audio system was developed in conjunction with Panasonic and was the result of three years of research into designing the best audio system possible. The Fender system uses nine speakers for ultimate clarity at any volume level. The system promises to be tuned for a sound that Americans will love. The front door speakers are directional and use dual voice coils for extended range on all sorts of music.