VW is gearing up to drive the electric ID.4 across the country

Automakers worldwide are still working to push the idea that range anxiety isn't something EV buyers need to worry about. Most people drive less than 30 miles per day, meaning that even the electric vehicle with the shortest driving range can get you around for everything you need to do during the day. However, many automotive buyers still fear buying an electric vehicle because they feel like they can't travel long distances if they want to. Volkswagen is trying to show that you can.VW is preparing to drive the all-electric ID.4 completely across the country starting on Saturday, March 13. The trip will span nearly 6000 miles starting in New York City. The automaker has a small team that will be crossing the states using a predominantly southern route, wrapping up in Sacramento, California, after driving approximately 18 days.

Director of E-Mobility for Volkswagon of America, Dustin Krause, says the automaker is excited to get the show on the road and show "range anxiety is a thing of the past." Krause says VW plans to show that not only is long-distance driving easy with an EV, but it's also affordable. Krause points out that each 2021 ID.4 comes with three years of DC fast charging at any Electrify America charging station around the US.

Electrify America has over 550 charging stations scattered around the country. Volkswagen is taking a route that will stop in several major cities around the country, including Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Cleveland, Chicago, Nashville, Atlanta, Orlando, New Orleans, Dallas, Austin, El Paso, Tucson, San Diego, LA, and Sacramento. The ID.4 will stop in other cities during the trip.

While the team will rely mostly on Electrify America charging stations, they will charge at other opportunities, including hotels. Electrify America currently has more than 2400 DC fast chargers, including two cross-country routes spanning from Washington DC to LA and Jacksonville to San Diego. Additional charging stations are being added. The Volkswagen ID.4 Pro S and 1st Edition models have an EPA estimated 250-mile driving range.