Vuzix unveils Star 1200XLD all-digital augmented reality glasses

Vuzix has been peddling all sorts of video glasses and other products for a number of years. The company was showing off augmented reality glasses before Google ever stepped into the game with its Glass project. Vuzix has announced the launch of its Star 1200XLD all-digital see-through video glasses.

These glasses promise all the features of the company's Star 1200XL Wide Field of View See-Through Augmented Reality Video Eye Wear with some notable enhancements. The new 1200XLD has a new HDMI interface and supports content featuring DRM. The new glasses also support 3-D video sources.

The augmented reality features of the new glasses include 3DOF motion tracking sensors and an integrated full HD resolution camera for tracking and recognizing real world objects. That camera allows 3-D computer-generated content to be locked in place and overlay on top of the users direct view of the real world. The glasses also feature a USB interface and are described as a see-through AR-enabled an ocular video eyewear with a 35-degree field of view.

The displays used for the glasses have a 16:9 aspect ratio, support full color, and have native resolution of 852 x 480. The glasses simulate a 75-inch display as seen from 10 feet away. The glasses are also adjustable with customizable eye-separation and AccuTilt for visual clarity and display quality. They sound really cool until you get to the end and realize the retail price is $4999 putting them out of the reach of pretty much everyone.

[via Vuzix]