Vufine Wearable Display connects to anything with 720p HDMI signal

Google Glass and similar wearable products have people excited about new gadget types, but the price for the Google Glass wearable is prohibitive to many people. A new wearable display has launched called Vufine that connects to just about any glasses and allows users to take advantage of their smartphone and other devices in a new way. Vufine is able to connect to any device that can output a 720p HDMI signal and puts a display on your glasses similar to Google Glass.

The wearable display will ship with a special thin HDMI cable for connectivity. The display promises to be easy to mount and remove so it can be stored away in a pocket when not needed. An internal battery powers the Vufine display and that battery is rechargeable via USB.

Several mounting options allow the wearer to place the display in the ideal spot for use. Vufine can be mounted directly in the line of sight, where wearers have to glance up to look at the screen, or where the user needs to look down to view the screen.

Vufine can be used to view anything that is on the screen of the connected smartphone or other device from navigation information to Netflix and movies. It can also act as a rear view camera for riding bikes or motorcycles. Vufine is on Kickstarter now seeking $50,000 and has raised over $101,000 with 14 days to go. A pledge of $149 or more will get you a Vufine with shipping expected in November.

SOURCE: Kickstarter