Vue personal video network now shipping

Any parent will tell you it is hard to keep up with your kids around your own home. They can disappear like little ninjas and end up outside in the mud or riding the dog like a horse before you know it. A camera system can help you keep up with your kids and family from anywhere. Some camera systems are hard to install, but the new Vue personal video network that is now shipping is easy to install.

The Vue system allows the user to monitor real-time video from a local system or over the Internet. The cameras are small, battery powered units that are wire free. Video streamed from the cameras is viewable on any Internet browser. The batteries are claimed to last a year thanks to the low power needs of the cameras.

Features of the Vue system include peel and stick magnetic mounts for the camera that allows them to be placed anywhere. The system can have more cameras added with the push of a button and supports up to 50 cameras. The video from the camera can also be uploaded to YouTube or Flickr. Range for the wireless cameras is up to 300 feet and the system has 2GB of online storage. A starter network with the base station and two Vue cameras sells for $299.99 and additional cameras sell for $99.99.