Vudu reveals March 24 burglary, says to reset passwords

Back on March 24 of this year, Vudu's offices were burglarized, with the robbers stealing a variety of items, including hard drives. As you can image, those hard drives were full of sensitive data, including information about the service's customers and account passwords. The theft was kept a secret while law enforcement investigated, but now customers are being urged to reset their passwords.

To make it simple for customers to get information about the theft, Vudu has published a FAQ page on the incident, which you can check out at the via link below. Fortunately, the hard drives that were taken did not have contain the full credit card numbers of customers, but they did include just about all the information identity thieves want to get their hands on.

Says Vudu, their investigation shows that the hard drives taken have their customers' names, home addresses, email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates, and the last four digits of select credit cards. In addition, the hard drives also contain account activity, including encrypted passwords, which Vudu says it believes will make it hard for the thieves to access them, but that it isn't impossible. Because of this, the company says users should reset their account passwords.

If you use the same password on other websites, such as Facebook, Twitter, or even your bank, you should change them, as well, to ensure all your accounts are safe. Vudu suggests monitoring accounts for user activity from elsewhere. Those who have used credit cards with the service don't have to worry about their accounts being depleted, however; the service does not store complete credit card numbers. Some users have already been notified about the breach via email, while other users will receive a notification in the near future.

[via Vudu]