Vudu partners with Entone for set-top box service

Vudu will soon be offering its movies on a third-party set-top box, changing up their title and adding the function of service provider to their already able hardware manufacturer moniker. Who is this third-party company in question? That would be Entone.

Vudu currently has a library of 14,000 standard definition movies and 1,500 HD movies. What's cool here is that Vudu will be providing Entone, a regional provider of set-top boxes, with their full feature set. Anything that you could get on the Vudu Box will be available on the service on Entone as well.

A simple software update will make it possible to access the Vudu library. The new Entone boxes will work just like Vudu Box hardware and can even be used to access sites like Flickr and YouTube. Expect a summer release on this one.

[via CNET]