Vuclip: Consumers want Nokia while Apple users remain loyal

A new survey studying smartphone brand and buying trends has been released by video streaming company Vuclip. Over 560,000 users responded to the survey, hailing from 188 different countries, and the results may surprise you. Out of all the mobile brands, 36.9% said they wanted their next phone to be a Nokia.

Surprising, yes, although it makes sense given the wide range of countries polled. Nokia's strength is still in developing countries: while Symbian certainly isn't impressing anyone compared to iOS or Android, Nokia's handsets are far cheaper than their rivals. Vuclip also took a look at the five most popular phones in each country during February 2012, and found that in Kenya, every single one was a Nokia handset.

Meanwhile, Apple came in a second in that particular poll with 24.8%, with Blackberry third at 20.8%. Samsung, meanwhile, grabbed around 12.5%, with LG coming in dead last with just 3.8%.

Another interesting fact from the survey? When asked if consumers would switch away from their current brand when purchasing their next device, 90% of Apple users said they would stick around. Unfortunately for Sony, 30% of their users in the survey want to jump ship to Apple.

[via Nokia Conversations]