Vstone outs small RPC-S1 robot for research

I like robots quite a bit when they are cool. I have aspirations of one day owning a bot that can mow the lawn for me. This new little bot from Vstone won't mow my yard, mostly because it has no legs. The bot is called the RPC-S1 and it is a little child-like robot covered in foam rubber. The bot has a round head with two eyes.

It is 12-inches tall and has 17-degrees of freedom. Inside the bot are an embedded PICO 820 computer, a 1.3MP camera, two microphones, and a speaker. The bot is sized similarly to the Vstone M3-synchy according but has a head that isn't as detailed as that M3.

One of the coolest things about the RPC-S1 is that its eyes can move independently of its head. That means this bot can give you that same creepy feeling you get when you walk by a portrait that the eyes are following you. There is no word on pricing, but anything for robotics research tends to be expensive.

[via PlasticPals]