VSCO Collections ushers in curated photos

VSCO offers what is arguably one of the best mobile camera apps available — it allows filtering like Instagram and other camera apps, only the filters are aggregated into packs and are both higher-quality and less in-your-face than many filter options. The app comes with manual adjustments, too, and features like manually selecting a focus point. Today the company behind VSCO Cam made a big step in making the service more appealing, adding in a new "Collections" social feature.

The new Collections feature is a social elements that allows users to "connect with" the photos taken by other users, and to curate content one finds interesting in Collections — sort of like a mashup between Instagram and Pinterest, but not entirely like either of them.

Collections works by searching or exploring and double-tapping images that catch your fancy. This will save them to your library, and at any point you can then publish them in Collections, where others can view what all you've found and sorted.

Those who have an image included in someone else's collection will get a notification. The feature works basically the same way on Android and iOS, and the changes are available via the latest app updates, which were pushed out today. You can grab them now from your respective app store.