Volvo Valet lets owners get vehicle service without leaving home

With coronavirus ravaging the nation, most people are looking for any way possible to avoid having to go out in public where they could potentially get infected. Volvo has announced a new service called Volvo Valet that is a premium pickup and drop-off service for vehicle maintenance in the United States. The service offers owners exclusive access to maintenance services to allow owners to have the car serviced without leaving home or the office.Volvo Valet allows owners of Volvo vehicles to use a smartphone app for iOS or Android or call a participating retailer to schedule an appointment and preferred pickup time. Once the appointment is set via either method, a retailer employee will pick up the customer's car and drop off a loaner vehicle for use while the maintenance is being performed. The app allows the customer to see where the driver is and when they will arrive.

Once the dealership employee arrives at the dealer location, owners get a notification that their car has arrived at the workshop. The app notifies the customer when their car is ready to be picked up. The retailer will contact the customer to arrange a time for the return of their car and to pick up the loaner.

Volvo says to ensure a fully transparent process retailer employees will photograph the condition of both cars at the point of handoff. Volvo Valet vehicles are handled with the same care and cleaning processes that were implemented by Volvo retailers to help fight the spread of coronavirus.

The Volvo Valet service has been in pilot testing for the last several months and uses in-house technology with no third parties involved. Any Volvo vehicle of any age is eligible for the service, at the discretion of individual retailers. Service provided using Volvo Valet is eligible for Service by Volvo benefits. For now, the service is only for maintenance and other service needs, but Volvo Valet will be expanded to include lease and purchase deliveries as well as lease returns and overnight test drives later in 2020.