Volkswagen reveals a complete accessory line for the Taos SUV

Volkswagen of America has revealed a new line of accessories for its Taos compact SUV. All the accessories are meant to complement the style of the SUV and make it more adaptable to the different things customers want to do with their vehicle. VW says the line of accessories for the smaller Taos SUV comes after it received an overwhelmingly positive response to the Basecamp line of accessories for its Atlas full-size SUV.

The new accessories include custom body cladding elements available in the Basecamp accessory package slated for release in June. Those accessories include aggressive front and rear fender flares with integrated splash guards, lower door side plates, and a front grill Basecamp badge.

Volkswagen says the Basecamp accessories create a streamlining cohesive look extending from the front grille to the vehicle's rear. Those components are all dealer installed, and all are available separately as individual pieces, except for the Basecamp badge. The only way to get the badge is to buy the accessories as a complete package for $999.

Presumably, that price doesn't count the installation at the dealership, and there is no indication of how much that might cost. Other available accessories include Rubber MuddyBuddy and carpeted Monster Mats to protect the floors of the SUV. VW also has Bumperdillo guards for the rear bumper to protect from damage when loading and unloading cargo.

A frameless, automatic dimming rearview mirror with HomeLink Connect integration is also part of the accessories line. VW has offered no pricing details on any of the components other than the full Basecamp package. Volkswagen showed off some of these accessories when it revealed the Taos Basecamp concept in late May. That concept is meant to show a more rugged and off-road-oriented version of the Taos SUV, and it looked very cool to boot.