Voiscan - Text To Voice From HP And Mouscan

Mouscan, a South Korean company, has teamed up with Hewlett-Packard to deliver its newest product. Using HP technology, Mouscan is putting out a device which will scan, translate and read aloud to you any text. They are calling it Voiscan... where do they come up with these names.

While the HP technology isn't new, when you combine it with the Mouscan optical recognition, translation and vocalization it becomes one amazing device. The usefulness potential is off the charts. Just think of all the people it could help: the elderly, the blind, travelers, students, etc... Oh, did I forget to mention its handy dandy portable size?

This product isn't on the market yet, it's expected to be on sale sometime next year. I'm eager to see it in action. I already know now what will start out Christmas Wish List '08.

HP Enables Scanning For Text To Voice [via The Technology Chronicles]