Vodafone unveils Sure signal femtocell

I really thought we would have lots of femtocells on the market here in the US by now. There are some femtocells on the market today, but for the most part wireless users have stayed away from them. You only have to look at the high monthly fees associated with the femtocell to get an idea why most consumers in the US stayed away from them.

It's common for wireless users in Europe to get better deals that we get here in America. Such is the case with a new femtocell from Vodafone called the Sure Signal. The device does what you expect a femtocell to do by routing wireless calls over your broadband connection for better signal strength.

The big difference is that Vodafone made the femtocell an attractive device by offering it to customers for a onetime fee. Vodafone users who spend £25 monthly or more on their rate plan can get the device for £120. Those who spend more can get the Sure Signal for as low as £50. No ongoing monthly fees are required and it supports up to four users at once.