Vizio XVT3D650SV Unveiled, Brings 3D to 65-Inch $3,500 TV

Evan Selleck - Dec 16, 2010
Vizio XVT3D650SV Unveiled, Brings 3D to 65-Inch $3,500 TV

Vizio is certainly investing itself in the 3D market, and they look to be making a bigger push as of today. In a late announcement, the company has officially unveiled their latest, and largest, 3D-capable TV. The XVT3D650SV is said to be more aggressive in the pricing area due to the fact that, instead of using active shutter technology, it focuses on the passive 3D glasses.

Most would say that the passive 3D glasses aren’t as advanced as the active shutter technology used in most glasses, and many would agree with that. However, it does do a few noteworthy things: like not use batteries, gets rid of the flicker that usually causes eye-strain, and they’re cheap for manufacturers to use with their 3DTVs. With that last part being said, that’s why Vizio is able to toss in four pairs of the glasses with the new, 65-inch 3DTV.

As for the TV itself, here’s the rundown: a 1,000,000:1 contrast ratio; LED-backlit, and features 1080p HD with a 120Hz refresh rate. The set also features integrated WiFi, and will use applications like on other Vizio HDTVs to draw in customers. There are also 5 HDMI ports on the side of the display, so connecting devices to the TV shouldn’t be a problem. Vizio says that the 65-inch 3DTV should be available in their online store before the end of the month, and should feature a price tag of $3,500. It will also be made available in Costco and Sam’s Club around the same time.

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