Vizio XVT HDTV series goes 3D

Shane McGlaun - Nov 17, 2010
Vizio XVT HDTV series goes 3D

It’s hard to not be a fan of Vizio TVs with their good performance and great pricing. The TV company has put a hurtin’ on other major TV makers over the last few years grabbing up a large share of the market thanks to very competitive pricing. Vizio has announced that one of its most popular lines of TVs is now getting 3D models.

The Vizio XVT series of 3D TVs is getting 3D models in 42″, 47″, and 55″ screen sizes and all of the new 3D models are on Amazon right now. The sets will hit retail stores next month including Sam’s Club, Target, and other locations. The three new 3D ready sets all share some common features.

The TVs all support Vizio Internet Apps, have 480Hz SPS refresh rates, and multiple HDMI inputs. The TVs also have 802.11n wireless networking and have a remote control with a sliding QWERTY keypad for accessing those TV apps easier. The 55-inch and 47-inch sets have TruLED backlighting and smart dimming. The smaller set uses Razor LED backlighting. The 55-inch set is $2,399, the 47-inch set is $1,799, and the 42-inch set is $1,399.

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