VIZIO 2020 SmartCast TVs include first OLED, new IQ and game engines

While big names like Samsung and LG are pushing 8K TVs to the market, VIZIO is focusing on TVs that will better appeal to the masses for their price value. That's not to say these SmartCast TVs are on the cheap side of features. In fact, all of VIZIO's new 2020 sets boast 4K HDR and new silicon to drive both image and gaming experiences higher. And for the first time in its history, VIZIO is launching its first OLED TV that adds deep blacks and infinite contrast on top of all that.

TVs are no longer made the same and are almost marketed the way smartphones and computers are. VIZIO, for example, boasts about its new 1 GHz IQ processors that work to upscale content to 4K and enhance detail and contrast. The premium IQ Ultra even uses AI and machine learning for picture processing.

Also new this year is VIZIO's ProGaming Engine designed to enhance Xbox and PS performance. The engine specifically enables variable refresh rates, AMD FreeSync support, and 4K 120 Hz playback. An Auto Game Mode kicks in low latency features automatically when it detects that a console is being used.

VIZIO's 2020 SmartCast TV lineup covers a wide range of models with a variety of capabilities and, presumably, price points. Right at the top is the P-series Quantum X that boasts of the highest brightness and the most number of local dimming zones. The non-X P-Series Quantum and VIZIO OLED don't fall far behind, delivering the baseline features with IQ Ultra and ProGaming engines.

For those with more constrained budgets, the M-Series Quantum brings some of those same features at reduced price points, with a slightly less capable IQ Active processor while retaining the ProGaming engine. The V-Series is VIZIO's budget-friendly line, combining 4K HDR and IQ Active processor with a V-Gaming Engine for lower input lag and faster response times.

All 2020 4K SmartCast TVs also feature the latest SmartCast 4.0 software that makes short work of throwing content from phones to the big screen. VIZIO hasn't yet revealed prices for the new TVs but will do so closer to their launch.