Vivat Bacchus Hamper for a Christmas with Taste

Christina Crouch - Nov 30, 2007

I’ve never been ‘wine and cheese’ kind of person, that is to say if it’s more then $20, I’m not drinking it. However, if anyone wants to buy me the Vivat Bacchus Hamper this Christmas I’m willing to change my mind.

This package is the most expensive Christmas Hamper on the market so far, coming in at a whopping £45,000. The South African themed restaurant/delicatessen/wine bar that is offering it is located in London’s Square Mile and has filled it with a selection of the rarest and most desired of wines, meats and cheeses.

If you’re lucky enough to open this gift on Christmas day you’ll find Romanée Conti 1970, Petrus 1986, Richard Hennesy Cognac, Cristal and a bottle of rare South African merlot that Nelson Mandela requested for his 85th birthday, along with 1kg of Royal Beluga caviar with a buffalo horn spoon, one leg of Spanish Joselito ham with a beechwood and stainless steal stand, truffles and varius cheeses.

It all sound delicious and delectable…except for maybe the caviar. So far only three of these baskets have been ordered which doesn’t give me much hope that one is destined for me.

Vivat Bacchus Hamper: £45,000 Treat for Xmas! [via Born Rich]

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