Vivaldi browser adds a game you can play even when online

Google Chrome may not be the original but it may be credited for popularizing mini-game Easter Eggs in web browsers. These games were originally intended to appear only when there's no Internet connection, providing some distraction to keep your blood pressure from rising. Their popularity, however, inspired some browser makers to make these pasttimes available at any time and Vivaldi's own new title can be played whether there's an Internet connection or not.

Vivaldia, the browser maker says, is inspired by Future Noir and CyberPunk games. Given the title, the art style, and the identity of the protagonist, Vivaldi much tried hard not to label it as a Metroidvania type of game. A Metroidvania but any other name, however, would pretty much play the same.

Vivaldia is, of course, more like Snake than either Metroid or Castlevania. It has a thin plot, at least something that sets it apart from other browser mini-games, but it's really just there to add some background flavor. Still, it's a game that could let you while the time when there's no Internet at work and you can't use your phone anyway.

The game is available on all platforms that Vivaldi runs on, which includes Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and Chrome OS. Yes, still no iOS there. Controls are pretty basic but you at least get virtual D-Pads on mobile. You can also manually start Vivaldia from menus or simply visit vivaldi://game.

Going beyond the game itself, Vivaldi is also taking the opportunity to advertise the browser's gaming-friendly features. Those include split tab views, hibernating tabs, floating window video playback, and more. And unlike other browsers, all of these are built into Vivaldi directly so you won't have to hunt for potentially harmful third-party extensions to get that functionality.