Visioneer Mobility cordless scanner scans anywhere

If you are a business type that needs to be able to scan all sorts of things from documents to receipts on the go a portable scanner is essential .Visioneer has a new scanner that is perfect for the mobile pro called the Visioneer Mobility. This cordless scanner needs no computer, cables, or drivers to scan documents and other media. It scans directly to a SD card or a USB flash drive rather than a PC.

That means you can just scan your content through and then it is stored on the SD card. The scanner measures in at 2" x 2.75" x 11.5" making it portable and sized for normal sheets of paper. It also comes with a 2GB SD card, a rechargeable battery, and a carry case. Use is simple requiring the SD card or flash drive to be installed, the document put in the feeder and the press of a single button.

The scanner can also scan directly to mobile devices like Android, Windows, and Blackberry devices. You can connect the scanner to a computer and it is recognized as a storage device allowing you to copy files to and from the SD card or flash drive connected to it. If you put an Eye-fi card inside the device, you can scan directly to online sites like Facebook or Shutterfly. The scanner is available now for $199.99.