Virus Chaser - antivirus on a flash drive

PC technicians will rejoice over this new gadget. I worked on PCs for home and business users for several years, and viruses were always a pain to deal with. Mostly because people fail to keep up with their antivirus subscriptions and updates.

DigiWorks' USB Virus Chaser works by just plugging it into a PC, and it automatically scans the computer and gets rid of all viruses currently known to it. So it might not be that revolutionary, but I still would have loved to carry one around.

From what I can tell it can be used as a regular flash drive, thus it is available in 2GB and 4GB flavors. I'm pretty sure I would get tired of closing out the antivirus every time I plugged in the flash drive just to transfer files though. Of course like many cool gadgets, it's only available overseas currently. More specifically in Korea.

Anti-Virus On A USB Drive [via crunchgear]