Virtuo Digital Palette concept makes for mess-free painting

I think a lot of people have an artistic urge within them. You know, to create something where there once was nothing. But a lot of the time, the trouble with painting is the mess. Plus, it can be expensive to acquire all the supplies. 


But with the Virtuo Digital Palette, you would be able to create any sort of painting you want, all with virtual paint. While just a concept at the moment, designer Yana Klimava has great hopes for the system, especially for those that are new to the world of painting.

The system comes with a monitor or "digital canvas," a pencil, a paintbrush, a palette, a palette knife, pastel stick and an airbrush. This way you'd actually have the feeling of painting with the appropriate tools, just without the mess or hassle of clean up. Honestly, this sounds like a great way teach beginners how to paint.

[via Gizmodo]