Virtua Fighter 2 out for iPhone

SEGA is bringing the game console and arcade classic to your pocket by giving you Virtua Fighter 2 on your iPhone or iPod Touch. The game looks to be exactly how it was when you played it long ago with no new levels or characters added. You will be stuck with the original eight characters and eight stage levels.

The only changes to the format are the touch screen controls (be prepared to look stupid) and the ability to challenge your friend via Bluetooth.

The fighting game is one of many SEGA titles the company has brought back to the App Store including Streets of Rage, multiple Sonic titles, and the famous Ecco the Dolphin. So bring out a stack of quarters for nostalgia and get tapping.

Virtua Fighter 2 is now available for iPhone and iPod touch for $1.99.

[Via PocketGamer]