Virginia is speedy - has the fastest Internet in the US

Broadview Networks recently did an Internet connectivity speed study and ranked average connection speed all over the United States. With average of 13.7 megabits per second, Virginia took the crown for the fastest Internet in the US. Delaware and Massachusetts come close at 13.1 Mbps.

The study also includes the slowest average broadband connectivity, which put Alaska at the top of the list – averaging at 7.0 Mbps followed by Kentucky, Arkansas, and Montana at 7.3 Mbps. California, the home of Silicon Valley gets an average broadband speed of only 10.9 Mbps. Being the tech battle ground, you would think the entire state would push for faster broadband availability.

Obviously, all these average speed numbers are much lower compared to the world's number one – South Korea which average of 23.6 megabit per second; the US needs broadband companies to compete and step into a cage fight against each other; only then, consumer will probably see more development in broadband speed.

[via PCMag]