Virgin Mobile offering $100 rebate for T-Mobile subscribers willing to switch

Brittany A. Roston - Apr 9, 2013
Virgin Mobile offering $100 rebate for T-Mobile subscribers willing to switch

Virgin Mobile, the prepaid carrier with a name that makes teenagers giggle and price tags attractive to anyone on a budget, has rolled out a $100 rebate aimed at T-Mobile customers willing to convert and have their brain “retrained.” The rebate only applies to those who are switching over from a T-Mobile account, with the $100 being credit towards an Unlimited plan.

The prepaid carrier has a large comparison chart set up on its website, showing the benefits of switching from T-Mobile to its own service. This includes several listed reasons, including undercutting T-Mobile’s Unlimited monthly plan pricing by $5 and faster reduced speeds when users hit their 2.5GB data limit. It is also specifically hocking its Samsung GALAXY S 2 handset.

Both T-Mobile and Virgin Mobile offer the Samsung GALAXY S 2, with the latter offering it for $299.99 on a prepaid plan over the $400+ charged by T-Mobile. Tallying this all up, users who elect to switch from T-Mobile, Virgin Mobile’s chart shows the 2-year cost coming in at $1,320 versus the slightly higher $1,440 – not a huge difference, but noteworthy.

The chart doesn’t make it easy to determine whether that final price is after taking the rebate, or is in addition to it. It does, however, tally it all up to a total savings of $334 over the course of those two years, with that working out to $120 in savings plus the additional $100 rebate and the $114 lower price on for the S 2. If you already have a Galaxy handset and you’re a happy T-Mobile user, that price may not be much incentive to switch, but if you’re in the market for a new carrier, Virgin Mobile will welcome you with open arms.

[via Electronista]

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