Virgin Media will offer 100Mbps broadband to all customers in UK by mid-2011

The FCC here in the US is hard at work drafting our new national broadband plan to bring broadband connectivity to more Americans. Millions of Americans don't have broadband because they can't afford it, don't want it, or don't have access to it. Our broadband speeds in America are also pathetic compared to many other countries

The FCC announced recently that it wants ISPs in America to target speeds of 100Mbps for broadband over the next ten years. Verizon and AT&T have already said that the 100Mbps number will be almost impossible to hit in the next decade. While the ISPs in America complain about not being able to hit 100Mbps in a decade, Virgin Media customers in the UK will get 100Mbps by the middle of 2011.

Virgin announced that it would offer 100Mbps connections to every one of its 3.8 million UK customers in 2011. The super-fast speed comes courtesy of the fiber optic network Virgin Media owns. The new connections will be 24 times faster than the average connection in the UK today. Virgin offered no indication of what the 100Mbps service will cost customers.