Virgin Galactic reveals Under Armour’s new spacewear for astronauts

Brittany A. Roston - Oct 16, 2019, 3:36pm CDT
Virgin Galactic reveals Under Armour’s new spacewear for astronauts

Following an announcement about their partnership earlier this year, Virgin Galactic and Under Armour have unveiled the apparel that will be worn by future space tourists who take trips via the private space company. The new spacewear, as the company calls it, includes a base layer, footwear, a training suit, and a spacesuit, as well as a limited edition ‘astronaut jacket.’

Unlike the spacesuit recently unveiled by NASA, the new Under Armour line of spacewear is made specifically for private astronauts. The new apparel was made with both utility and comfort in mind, according to the space company, which says Under Armour used some of its existing technology combined with new tech to produce the clothing and suits.

The company tapped experts across multiple fields as part of its work, including pilots, doctors, footwear designers, and more. The end result is a private spacesuit that features flight-grade lightweight materials alongside cushioned knees and elbows, plus footwear. Why cushion? Because people might bump into things when they’re floating in zero gravity.

The aforementioned ‘training suit’ will be used during the period of time immediately before a flight when private astronauts are put through training. Virgin Galactic plans to have its ‘Galactic Mission Specialists’ wear the spacewear on the VSS Unity during crewed test flights.

As the images show, Under Armour and Virgin Galactic have selected a highly saturated blue color for the apparel, which is equipped with the ‘UA’ logo, among other things. If everything goes as planned, the private space company plans to start its commercial space flights in 2020.

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